"La torre de vidre" - Catalunya Ràdio

«La torre de vidre» is the name of the first immersive series of Catalunya Ràdio, a novel written by Albert Sánchez Piñol that places us in the setting of a post-apocalyptic Barcelona. The fictional story has a luxury cast made up of Lluís Marco, Pere Arquillué, Nausicaa Bonnin, Pep Anton Muñoz and Artur Busquets.

From Identidad Sonora we have produced the sound design of the binaural spaces (3D) and the original sound track, in addition to the recording, editing of voices and the entire post-production process. To do this, we have used a combination of binaural microphones and software to recreate three-dimensional spaces and move the protagonists around, placing the listener within the story and making them participate.

¿What is immersive sound?

Binaural or immersive audio is one that manages to be reproduced in a three-dimensional way, and therefore allows to perceive depths and movements at 360°. There are two ways to get it; using a special microphone for this format, or with software to locate mono or stereo audio in space.

And… How can I listen to it? The final file is an .mp3, so any user with headphones can enjoy the experience. It can also be appreciated in places like the car, where we have multiple speakers placed around us. If you want to live the experience, it is advisable to use headphones.

This is how we work the "binaural"

Our vision on this technology is totally artistic. At Identidad Sonora we are producers, so we don’t limit ourselves to one technology. Immersive sound is a very interesting tool that gives us new ways of understanding and approaching our projects, but at the same time we believe that it is interesting to combine it with mono or stereo if necessary. Creating the best possible result is our goal, regardless of technology.


A team of creators to find the best sound solutions for each project.

Binaural Audio

We apply binaural technology to our projects for greater listening immersion.

Sound Design

We create from scratch and record sounds for the construction of spaces and sound effects.

Original Music

Team of specialized professionals to compose any type of soundtrack.


We work on editing, mixing and mastering to leave your work ready for any of the media.


We deliver files in the needed formats to be reproduced on any of the media.

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